Winter Nets 2023

I’ve had lots of requests from parents of all ages about some cricket training through the winter. We would normally just have sessions on the run up to the new season, but this year I’ve decided that there will be 4 sessions this side of Christmas and then I’ll try and arrange another block in the new year.

I know that all parents have lots and lots of commitments already in their diaries and I’m never going to be able to come up with a solution that works for everyone so please bear with me. I’ve tried avoiding Devon development sessions where possible and other common sporting commitments.

There are going to be 4 dates before Christmas, these will be the 5th, 19th and 26th of November and 3rd December. The session will be at Bideford College. Each date will have 2 sessions, 2 – 3.30pm and 3.30 – 5pm. The first session will be for the ‘Development’ group, open for anyone who will be playing hardball cricket and the second session will be for the ‘Academy’ group, this is anyone under 19 who will be available for adult cricket next year. Tarka Ladies are also invited to the Academy session.

I know I’m going to get asked about soft ball sessions for the younger cricketers. I hope to be able to put these on in the sessions after Christmas, but please bear with me. Getting anything like this of the ground takes quite a bit of organising and pulling together many, many parts. I need to get the ball rolling to start with with the hardball sessions, I’ll then look to do more once we’ve learnt from the initial sessions.

These winter sessions are going to focus heavily on skills development and a degree of cricket specific strength and conditioning. They will not be a typical net session, but will have lots and lots of drills and exercises to accelerate the kids cricket development.

I want to keep the coach to children ratio as small as possible in order to deliver the most focussed coaching as possible. To make organising this as easy as possible I really need as clear view as possible as to how many children will be attending week in week out. To help this I have decided that there will be two options for payment, it will be £40 for all 4 weeks booked in advance or £15 per week for individual sessions. These are available to book on the website at, please book as soon as possible. The discounted rate for all 4 weeks will only be available until Friday 3rd November.

Hope all this makes sense, any problems please call or message me on 07577 479 720 or email