Double Nelson Club Prize Draws


When you submit your membership form you have the option of purchasing tickets for the Double Nelson Club. This is a means of raising funds for the club and issuing prizes to the lucky winners over the summer. The draw is carried out 4 times a year, with three winners each time.

Each Double Nelson ticket costs £6.00.

If you wish to purchase Double Nelson tickets, then please contact Jeremy Thompson on 07773 775 454.

This year the Draw will take place in the Pavilion at 8.00pm on the last Saturday of the month:
28th May: £75 and £50 + Attendance £25
25th June: £75 and £50 + Attendance £25
30th July: £75 and £50 + Attendance £25
27th August: £75 and £50 + Attendance £25

Should the scheduled match on any of the above dates be cancelled then the draw will be postponed and take place on the next Saturday an adult game is played at Instow. Winners will be contacted by Jeremy Thompson via email or phone.

NDCC is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) which means it is treated by HMRC as a charity. This means that any donations you make to the club are eligible for Gift Aid. Please complete and sign the attached Gift Aid form and email it to Tony Richards on so that we can claim the Gift Aid from HMRC and turn every £10 that you donate into £12.50.