Club Statement re Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Firstly we do hope that you are fit and well. Secondly it is vital that you all follow the advice and guidance of the Government and the Health Service, which is updated daily.

This coronavirus is very contagious and potentially lethal to some people, so please remember that your individual actions can make the difference between life and death for someone in your family or neighbourhood.

Many of us have family members working in the NHS; we wish them all the best and for all of us it is important that we do not do things that put their health at risk. If you are over 18, in good health and not listed in any of the at risk or vulnerable categories and currently unable to do your normal job, then please do consider becoming an NHS Volunteer Responder by signing up at

We should now be frantically preparing for the imminent beginning of the season, but not this year. In accordance with Government guidance and the recommendations of the ECB, the car park is locked so there is no access, the pavilion is closed, and there will be no cricket matches or net practise until further notice.  

Andrew Cameron will also be following ECB Guidelines and is currently continuing to work on the Instow and Westleigh grounds to make sure they are ready for when the restrictions are lifted, but this is the ONLY activity currently taking place at the cricket ground.

The outlook. As I think you can all appreciate, we currently do not know when restrictions will be lifted sufficiently for us to be able to start practising and playing cricket, but we are hopeful that there will be cricket in the second half of the season and maybe earlier.

Subscriptions. If you are able to pay your subscription now, the same amount paid in the normal way, that would be greatly appreciated as we do continue to incur costs even when there is no cricket, but we totally understand if you decide to delay the payment.

2020 Yearbook. The production and distribution of the Yearbook will be delayed by a month or so, but the aim is to make sure that you all have it before cricket resumes.

Be responsible and stay safe! NDCC Committee