Awards Night Round Up 2022

We recently held the awards night in the Pavilion – we moved the venue to try and keep the price down to help more of the players attend (as it’s their night!) and it was probably the best attended night in recent memory. It was also well attended after the meal rather than everyone leaving for town, so we managed to get rid of all the overage barrels that went out of date months ago! They’re young, they’ll survive – although the President still seems ok.

Before we get to the awards, there are a couple of positions that we would like to fill on the committee:

After a couple of years sterling work, JT has stepped down as Membership secretary – this is an important role, and one that we can’t survive without. It is mainly a clerical one – checking subscriptions received against the membership and either answering the occasional question, or passing it onto someone who can. Largely speaking its “a few” hours work at the start of the season collating and updating the info with the treasurer and the Colts section. If you are interested, please reply to this email and I’ll put you in touch.

We are also looking for a “second in command” for Jan Witheridge, to help with the behind the scenes running of the Colts. Obviously this would suit someone who’s child is in the setup, but would be happy for anyone to apply. In the first instance, email Jan directly at

Back to the awards:

1st up – Third team player of the year, Ruby Davis. Ruby had an impressive season, playing in the 3’s. 2’s and for Tarka Ladies. She has also recently been added to the Western Storm set up! It’s the first time this award has gone to a female cricketer – well done Ruby!

2nd Team Player of the year – Rob Ayre. Rob had a great year with the bat, although his fielding stats were messed up by him arriving late if we were fielding first (downside of the stream!). He played some decent knocks to keep us in the game after some tricky starts.

Under 21 Player of the year – Jack Whittaker. Jack had a great first year with the club, some really positive signs for the seasons ahead. Jack wasn’t there to pick the award up.

The Captains Cup for his club player of the year went to Jack Popham. Big hitting fast bowler, Vice captain and always enthusiastic on game day – a natural choice.

1st team Player of the year – Josh Atkinson. Always reliable with the ball, using his variations to take wickets in the middle overs, and a fantastic knock at Sidmouth to win us a game that was lost long before he was due to bat. Great in the field and always there to encourage the team when the going is tough (especially if I leave him a Rum and Coke on the boundary!). Well deserved!

Fielder of the year went to Super Sub and probably the grumpiest fast bowler in the club – Jedd Foster! Jedd selflessly put his hand up to field for the 1st team on many occasions during the year when there was selection problems, mainly for his great arm when on the boundary. Unfortunately he was at Uni and unable to pick his award up.

The Tom Allin Trophy for most improved player went to Ruby Davis – again, the first time this has been awarded to a female cricketer.

Club Person of the year was Fiona Tyson. Fiona does a great job around the ground – official photographer, scorer transporter, agony aunt – she does it all. Always has a smile on her face, especially after a Rum and Lemonade!

Thanks must go to Jonny Green for sorting the night, Trawler and Andy Cameron for getting the Pavilion and ground ready, and Ben Green from Benji’s Box for the catering. If you get the chance to be able to have one of his Sunday Roasts, jump at it!

So, another year over and done. The 1st team did really well in their 1st year back, the 2’s winning their league and on the road back to where they belong plus the 3’s getting some youngsters some invaluable experience. It’s not that long until the Colts nets will be starting again, and as I write this with a mince pie and a glass of red in hand, the sun has just come out. The square is looking fantastic, what with all the warm weather and rain, and the news of next years overseas – hot off the press – is….. nah, I think I’ll save that for Christmas! An older “Proper” overseas Pro though

See you all soon,