2024 AGM

This years AGM is on Thursday 21st March, 6.30 at the pavilion.

The link for the agenda is here : https://mcusercontent.com/3d82996fa2dc6a16ef4f7ec1a/files/82871280-92c9-baad-2e0e-f529696d2664/NDCC_AGM_Agenda.02.doc

The link for the minutes of last years meeting is here : https://mcusercontent.com/3d82996fa2dc6a16ef4f7ec1a/files/c8d462f4-97a9-4de3-4031-6ae0e3fc9ad0/NDCC_AGM_MINUTES.02.doc

Everyone welcome but remember, as per our constitution, you have to be a current adult “Player” member to vote.

See you there,

Dave (and the Committee!)